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Trish O'Neal

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Trish O’Neal moved to Kansas in 2018 and has embraced its history, politics, and sports culture. Trish attended Boise State University (Theater) and Central Community College (Paralegal) and is a Certified Paralegal. She has worked with the Nebraska Department of Banking, and the Kansas Office of the State Bank Commissioner helping consumers with their mortgage and financial services complaints. She retired in 2021 and works part-time with her husband as a registered lobbyist, with interests in the regulated financial industry and K-12 education. She volunteers as a reader for the visually impaired through KU’s Audio Reader program. Trish has an extensive background in cattle ranching, training and showing horses, and raising a couple of smart kids. She has volunteered as a board member with a state camping ministry and her local community center, and has been active in community theater, and served as a 4-H program leader. She is married to the former Kansas Speaker of the House, Mike O’Neal, and together they enjoy their dogs, motorcycling, sports games, and travel.