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I grew up in what we called and was known as the North End of Wichita. My family home was built in the county about 10 years before it became part of Wichita. We were “now” My goal in life was to be a wife and mother. Nothing was more important to me than that. I did get married and had 2 wonderful boys 15 months apart – Adam and Jonathon. They were the best and we had quite the times together. In just a few short years, their father left and the boys and I held strong together through the next four years. I have now been married to my husband, Emil, for over 35 years. Though we have known each other since we were in Kindergarten. We combined our families and together we have 4 children – a daughter and 3 sons. We call them all “ours”. Adam, our oldest son, died this past December totally out of the blue at the age of 43, just weeks before his 44th birthday.

Emil and I have been active in our community of Park City as a team for 25+ years and in the Sedgwick County GOP. We have worked in a number of campaigns, going door to door and helping in the GOP office. This also includes my time as Office Assistant and Office Manager in the 4th Congressional District Office. We have also been involved in local elections, as Emil successfully ran for City Council and Mayor of Park City, and for State Representative for District 91.That happens to take in North Wichita where we grew up. He has served in that position since going in mid-term in 2018.

My working career has been in serving people. Whether it be in retail or at the front desk of a dental or medical office or the 4th Congressional District Office it has always been about listening and caring about each person that I come into contact with. Little did I know that this same ideal would carry me into being a part of and serving in the political realm. It was surreal to be asked to serve in Congressman Mike Pompeo’s and Congressman Ron Estes’ District Office. I am thankful for the opportunities to serve, for the people I
met and for those I listened to on the phone. And I’m also thankful for my retirement a􀅌er 11 1/2 years.