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Erin Metters was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but her father’s work took them around the country. She graduated from Jacksonville University with a BA in Mathematics.  After college she moved to Virginia and worked for Headquarters Marine Corps as a programmer. She met her husband, Dahl, in Virginia and they were married in 1970 at Andrews Air Force Base.  Dahl’s Air Force career took them all over the world. When Dahl retired from the Air Force in 1983, he went to work for the newly formed Sprint.  They moved a couple of times with the Sprint job until 1983.  They have lived in Mission Hills, KS since 1987 – she finally got to settle down in one place.

Her IT career included programming, software analysis, database analysis, and business analysis. She received a Master’s degree in Project Management from Keller Graduate School.  She worked for several DOD offices throughout the US. Since living in Kansas City, she worked for Sprint, American Century, and Assurion.   She also taught programming classes at Metropolitan Community College in Okinawa.

She has been a Republican all her life.  She has always voted in every election, but never got active until Obama was elected.  She is an active member of the Northeast Johnson County Republican Women Club and the Kansas Federation of Republican Women.  She has also been a Precinct Committeewoman since 2019 and volunteers at the Johnson County Republican Party headquarters.