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Deb is a Food & Ingredients Practice Director with Global Executive Solutions Group.  She graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from Youngstown State University and worked as an engineer for General Motors (GM) and as President of Sigma Resources Inc., a consulting and Tier 1 supplier to GM and Delphi.  She was a contributor to USA Today 2016 Presidential Power Rankings. Has been active in politics since 2009 and currently is a Precinct Committee Woman, Sedgwick County and State Delegate,  Treasurer for Sean Hatfield for Judge campaign and a member of Republican Women United. Has in the past served in many roles including President and VP, Shawnee County Republican Women; Secretary, Sedgwick County Republican Party; Board of Directors 19th Amendment Centennial; RNC KS 4th District Delegate 2016; RNC KS 2nd District Alternate Delegate 2012; Communications Director, Kansans for Kobach SOS Campaign; Steering Committee President, Topeka 912 Project. Volunteer as Office Manager for Tenacity Dance Company.

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