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Barbara Whitehead was born and raised in the small Southwest Kansas farming community of Fowler. (In Meade county).   After high school graduation she went to Fort Hays State for 3 years, then to St. Joseph School of Nursing, where she received a diploma, and finally to Wichita State University, where she graduated with a BSN degree.  She worked full time as a Nurse for 40 years and finally retired in January of 2020. She was married however her husband passed away in 2003 from cancer caused  from exposure to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War.  She has one son who is now married and has 2 sweet delightful children.  Because of the increasingly disturbing happenings in our country she joined and got involved in the Republican Women United.  This was almost 2 years ago. She went to the Kansas GOP convention this past year and has  been helping where and when she can to get local Republicans elected.  She is continuing to learn as she goes.  She loves the USA and feels that our country needs to wake up and fight for our freedoms or else lose them.