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Becky Reimer is from rural Newton KS where she and her husband are raising their 2 little boys. She is a dental assistant of 12 years with successful leadership in the orthodontic department in clinical procedures, education and training. She launched her own business called Breathe Best, where she teaches the Buteyko Breathing Method to clients with allergies, asthma, anxiety, sleep issues, open mouth posture, and more. She has enjoyed learning about her local government and getting involved in leadership roles through being vice chair of the Harvey County Young Republicans, starting a social media group, hosting meetings for education and activation, speaking at and attending county commission meetings, opening up communications between isolated local like-minded groups, and leading a movement on election integrity. She thrives on networking and developing those around her for a cause. She is motivated to seek new levels of involvement in government to bring or preserve conservative values to her county, and to recruit and prepare the younger generation to be in public service.